Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reached by: Ally Condie

Book Description: 

Cassia’s journey began with an error, a momentary glitch in the otherwise perfect façade of the Society. After crossing canyons to break free, she waits, silk and paper smuggled against her skin, ready for the final chapter.

The wait is over.

One young woman has raged against those who threaten to keep away what matters most—family, love, choice. Her quiet revolution is about to explode into full-scale rebellion.

With exquisite prose, the emotionally gripping conclusion to the international–bestselling Matched trilogy returns Cassia, Ky, and Xander to the Society to save the one thing they have been denied for so long, the power to choose.

My Thoughts:

WOW! Can I just say that this was a great ending to an amazing series! I love how all throughout this novel you do not know who you are supposed to trust! You do not know who is the bad guy and who is actually trying to help. Sometimes there are people trying to do the right thing but end up looking like a bad person for it, and other times when they seem good but really are just trying to make you think that! SO CONFUSING! BUT... amazing because you are always guessing. 
I did wish that there was more of Ky and Cassia together but that is a very small complaint from me. 
I do not know how I feel about the character Indie though.. I appreciate that when she wants something she is not afraid to go after it but DANG YOU INDIE, you make me mad sometimes! 
And the pilot? and the society? the rising? I hate and love at the same time how they all are like one but not... they are all acting like each other and it is hard to follow but in a good way. 

This novel just really hits the heart at some points and brings you in even deeper when reading. In the race for the cure you really begin to worry about some key people! 
There were really some parts that just took me by surprise! 
All in all, I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars! 

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