Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2

So, I went to go see Breaking Dawn Part 2 today and can say that I was actually impressed!

I was a huge fan of these books when they first came out and I was so excited when I heard that they would be turned into movies. BUT... When Twilight came out I was not impressed at all. The whole movie was just awkward. Now I will say that the movies steadily got better as they came out! But I was still always disappointed with something.

This new movie was absolutely awesome! I would explain my favorite part.. but it gives too much of the movie away. I will say though, that even for the people that read the books, this movie will shock everyone!! Some parts totally took me by surprise!

Bella was super hot as a vampire! She totally owned it! Jacob was just as sexy as ever! and the other characters were all great too! One thing I loved was the fact that you got so hooked into everyone wanting to protect the girl and everyone working together to protect one another, that you get sucked in to the love and friendship they all have for each other. Also, I loved getting to see a diverse group of the vampire world! It was pretty awesome!

And the bad guys were totally awesome as well!

Now, the only thing I absolutely could not stand... and this has been an issue since the first movie... is the effects on the super speed and jumping! WHAT IS THAT? All of the powers that the vampires have are made to look awesome, but the jumping and speed just look ridiculous. They have made plenty of money through out these series to do a little better with that.

Another thing about this movie was the parts that make you laugh. Unlike the first couple, where you laughed just because the actors were quite awkward in their roles, Breaking Dawn Part 2 actually had funny parts that were meant to be there! And it worked too!

All in all though, this movie was still amazing! It was the absolute best of the Twilight movies and had plenty of surprises!

I would give it 3.8 stars out of 5.

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