Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Girl is back!!!

AHHH its back!!! I am totally in love with this show!!! it is hilarious and awkward and awesome and so many things!! I am so excited that it is back on! everyone should check this show out!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sherlock Holmes

Looking for a new mystery? Love the story of Sherlock Holmes?

Well you should try the tv series on Netflix called Sherlock! It is a new and modern spin to the old story.

Also, if you like that, there is a new series coming soon called Elementary. This is another story to Sherlock Holmes but also in a much different spin. I think it looks super good and can not wait to watch it! You will have to watch to find out.


Thursday, September 13, 2012


So, since I have had no time for any fun lately... I decided I needed to make time for a little reading! I know I have not been doing many reading posts lately and that is because I have no time for actual novels! I KNOW! SAD RIGHT??

But hold on... I HAVE FOUND A SOLUTION!!


Lately, I have just started the spiderman comics at the very beginning and I am slowly going to make it through possibly all of them! They are so good! I love super heroes and he is one of my favorites! 

This week he is about to face.....THE TERRIBLE TINKER! What will happen next???


Ok, so I like never have time for reading actual books now so I need help!! I need quick entertaining things to either read or watch! OR if it is not quick, I need something I can watch or listen to as I do homework!! Any ideas? Any youtube videos or channels? any shows? BLAH!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

YouTube Craze!!!

Oh the wonders of YouTube!
I could spend hours upon hours watching videos on here! From random one time videos to actual video blogs, I just can not get enough!!
Here are some of my top videos or video channels to watch!


DailyGrace: This is my number one go to youtube channel! She makes a post everyday Monday through Friday. She has certain themes for her days and they are hilarious!! Also, she is a part of this other website called MyDamnChannel and there are some other really funny skits on there as well! Go check her out!

OlanRogers: This guy can tell the funniest stories and the way he tells them make the stories 20times more entertaining! Check it out!!

MyHarto: This girl has quite a few series going on youtube and I just found this out!!! I have only watched her my drunk kitchen series but she is so funny that I will be checking out all of her other series! Talk about a good way to waste and hour or 2!


KandeeJohnson: She is a crazy talented makeup artist!! and also she does some DIY stuff that is really fun and cute! Check her out!

So there are some of my favorite youtube channels! I have so many more that I follow so if you liked seeing this and getting some ideas of what to watch let me know which category you want to see and I will totally post more!