Friday, February 1, 2013

Music Frenzy Friday!

So I have been practically obsessed with 3 bands for the last month and I thought, "Well, I can't keep this music all to myself. No, that's selfish!" So here are 3 bands I am totally in love with right now!

The Lumineers 

A good song by them is "Ho, Hey" which has been on the radio a ton!
Other favorite songs of theirs are: 
"Stubborn Love" and "Big Parade"

Imagine Dragons

One of my favs is "Radioactive"

Other amazing songs by them:
"Bleeding Out" "Radioactive" and "Demons"

Mumford and Sons

An awesome song is "Lover of the Light"
Some other great songs:
"Below My Feet" "Ghost That We Knew" and "Hopeless Wanderer" 

Hope you enjoy this music!!! if you have any good music suggestions, leave a comment below!! 

Lets all have a fun, dance filled Friday! 

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