Monday, January 21, 2013

Awesome weekend of authors in KC

So this weekend, there were 4 authors in the KC area! It was so cool!

In the first location Readers World, in Lee's Summit, was +Trisha Leigh  (Author of Whispers In Autumn) and +Denise Swank  (Author of Here). I got to meet them and get my books signed! It was pretty crazy there though, with all the people in line, so I didn't have a chance to talk to either of them, but it was still fun and they are so nice! Plus they both have amazing books that you should totally check out!

Then, I headed over to Mysteryscape in Overland Park. Lets start by saying most amazing bookstore ever! It was nice and small, with the most amazing comfortable lounge chairs for you so you can enjoy a good read in a nice chair. Also, they had delicious coffee you could order too! What was really cool was that the place where they had the authors speaking was in a separate little area, so people coming in just to buy a book didn't have to interrupt the authors, or try and push through a line. The room where the whole signing and talk was, is usually a room filled with more lounge chairs and coffee tables so you can go relax and read or write! It was awesome!

Now on to the authors that were there! +Lenore Appelhans  (Author of Level 2) and +Emily Hainsworth  (Author of Through To You) were there to speak and sign! They were so much fun, and totally personable! My mom had come with me to this signing, and lets just say she does not read any books, and she liked them so much that she asked to borrow my books that they wrote! That is saying a lot! What was even more fun was getting to talk to them and getting to know how they came up with their books,  and how they became writers. Plus their books sound so interesting and I have not seen a single bad review on either book! I am halfway through Level 2 and had to force myself to put it down for a moment to write this post. (There will be a review soon! and then on for Through To You very soon after!) 

Go check out their books and enjoy the awesomeness of them!!
(Me (in the middle) with +Emily Hainsworth (on the left) and +Lenore Appelhans (on the right))


  1. Thanks for coming to our signing! I wished we'd had more time to chat!

    1. Me too! but it was still so much fun! Let me know when you have another event in KC! Id love to come!