Monday, November 12, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4

There was screaming... There was jumping out of the seat... And there was me saying "why did I come watch this movie? WHY?"

It was so scary! I hate all of the Paranormal Activity movies because they always make me wanna just cry or scream for dear life. This one was no exception.
Just like the ones before it, it is pretty slow at the beginning and all of the action is jam packed at the end. Also, this ending to me was not very good! I hate the whole witch covenant thingy.. Why couldn't they just keep the movie about creepy demon guy and forget about witch covenant thingy.

But all in all it was still poop you pants scary! 
But I would save your money and wait till it is out on DVD to rent, or even wait till it is free on Netflix!

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