Friday, August 10, 2012

Supernatural and Grimm

So I have been trying to catch up on a few shows online and thought I would share my 2 favorites right now with you!
First off, this one is a show I have been a fan of since season 1!


This show currently has 7 finished seasons and is premiering the 8th on October 31,2012.
This show is about 2 brothers that hunt down supernatural creatures and try to save humans. Plus, the two brothers are totally hot! what makes the characters really fun is that the further into the show you get, the more tight the brother bond gets and then the characters are really fun because they make fun of each other and make sarcastic comments that totally work with how brother bonds usually are. 
The show does have a bit of gore to it but the story line is usually pretty awesome! 
If you like the Supernatural type books or other shows then this one I totally recommend!
It is played on the CW on Wednesday nights now at 8pm central time. 

Then there is a new show that I just started watching but have wanted to for a while. 


This show is a lot like Supernatural but with less gore and quite a few other differences. I have to say though that it is pretty dang good. I love the character of Monroe. He is a, what we would call a werewolf  but are called Blutbad. His character is very funny but without trying to be. What I mean is, he isn't telling jokes or anything, his character is just natural comedic. 
I would definitely recommend this show for people who like fantasy type stuff but would prefer a little less gore than in Supernatural, or for people that like Supernatural and need something else to watch now too. 

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