Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tiger Lily

What I thought and a little about the book:

This book was so fascinating! Coming from someone who has heard nothing more than the kids movie version of the story of Peter Pan, this was a whole new side of things. This is the story of before Peter met Wendy, and was in love with a girl named, you guessed it, Tiger Lily. The story is told by the perspective of Tinker Bell, which was interesting because in this book fairies can feel others emotions too, so you get to know a little of everyones thoughts through out this book. This book had its happy parts and sad parts, its ups and downs and its in betweens. Over all, however, it was a great story. It is a book you really can not predict and thats what I enjoyed most. I also love Tiger Lily's character. She seems like a very cold, wild, reserved person on the outside. But coming from Tink you get to see what she is really like on the inside even when she is hiding it so well. This novel brings you love, suspense, fantasy, and adventure all in one!

Where you can find it:

My Rating: 3.8


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