Monday, January 9, 2012

Recent Book Craze!

Ok, so I have been reading a ton lately! I have not been able to put my books down! Sooo... I decided to put them all up here.

The first series is The Hunger Games. This was the best series of them all!!! A must read!

This book is being made into a move on March 23, 2012. But, even though it may be less work to just go see the movie... READ THE BOOKS! They are all totally worth it!

My next series that I really enjoyed was Matched. 
This has a similar genre style to Hunger Games but a totally different story. These two series are like nothing alike but similar at the same time and still simply amazing!

And last but absolutely not least.. The Uglies. 
Once again this series is similar in overall type genre but stories are totally different! 

These are the series that I have been reading. If  you have any other suggestions, please comment. 
Have an amazing day!

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